Trans Mongolian Rally: the fun along the way

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It has been great to have two groups travelling side by side on the Budgeting Bolshevik that departed Moscow on April, 25th.

Thank you everyone for participating in our Trans Mongolian quest and sending through some really awesome pictures! It has been fun to look at them so it must have been fantastic to experience that for yourself!

Look at this fancy bottle of vodka! To find the most expensive one was the first road post on the way to winning the quest. So, did you have a chance to try any vodka on the Vodkatrain?

Price tag of 2000$ for a bottle of vodka will sober you up!

The groups did great fitting 20 people between 4 bunks and well done with getting your message through to the people behind the camera!

20 people between 4 bunks! That’s a record!

Three day adventure on the train must have been an experience! Finding a cute provodnitsa on a local train must have been a challenge – the Mao team did a great job!

The Mao group with the very cute provodnitsa!

When the adventurous travellers finally put their foot on the ground they discovered it was actually quite cold! Taking a swim in Lake Baikal in the beginning of May was the next part of the quest and here is the evidence:

Although the ice on the lake has just melted it didn’t stop the fearless travellers to get in!

Paris of Siberia, Irkutsk was hiding a building that could be found between the Tzar and the Cosmonaut… Sounds not easy, but guess what – they found it! Attention, you are being recorded!

Irkutsk Library is located near the Alexander III monument on Gagarin boulevard!

Apparently the last riddle was easy to crack. The big stone turtle is forever still in the Mongolian National Park and our Maos are gracefully sitting in front of it.

Have you ever wondered where this Turtle is heading??

Having ticked off all the boxes the Mao team has become a deserved winner of our Trans Mongolian Rally.

Thank you everyone who travelled with Vodkatrain on this memorable departure and good luck with your further travels!

Mao watches will remind the Bolsheviks of their Trans Mongolian adventure

And congratulations to the Mao team who went an extra mile with finding places, taking pictures (having fun meanwhile ;)) and sharing them with us! The performance of Chinese Acrobats has become your reward and we hope your enjoyed it!

The Mao team will go to enjoy the Acrobats performance as their reward for winning the Trans Mongolian quest!

If you have a travel blog about your trip and would like to share it with us, please send the link to or post it on Facebook. Cheers!

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