Babushka or Matryoshka?

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Coming to Russia on a Vodkatrain journey, you will definitely want to get one of those “Babushka” dolls. Have you ever wondered what “babushka” means?

Siberian Babushka

Now, that you are about to find out, we’d like to ask you to revise your decision to get one of them in your possession. “Babushka” actually means ‘grandmother’ in Russian, with the other meaning being ‘an old woman’ in general! So, babushka would be awesome to make some delicious pirozhky (stuffed pies) and feed you up with bliny (pancakes). Although watch out for dedushkas (grandpas), who won’t be that happy to let go of them!

Therefore our suggestion is you should stick to a Matryoshka!

Matryoshka – Russian nesting doll

Matryoshka is the real name for the wooden dolls that you’ll be stocking up on and this is what you should be asking for when in Russia. The word “matryoshka” derives from “maternity” and the dolls that nest in one another symbolize fertility. The fair question is, how much fertility would you wish to have with 50 dolls inside??

We’ll leave it with you to decide what will be your choice of matryoshka and don’t forget to greet a babushka with a warm word if you buy some pirozhky from them on the platform!

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4 Responses to Babushka or Matryoshka?

  1. Bramblerose says:

    Agreed babushka dolls are the traditional dolls that represents ancient culture. Today a more hybrid designs of babushka dolls are available at the online toy store like ours. Bramblerose stocks a wide variety of babushka dolls, Russian nesting dolls and wooden toys.

  2. Matryoshka dolls will never stop fascinate both kids and adults with their original but modern designs. In post-Soviet era nesting dolls with portraits of world leaders, celebrities and even animals found wide popularity. Our store has over 250 authentic Russian and Ukrainian nesting dolls in stock.

  3. Tandra Mattioli says:

    I have a nesting doll; blue and white with pearl-like decoration. There ar 16 dolls. The bottom is marked C. Tiscag. 15 M.H.K. (not sure of the first 2 letters; maybe Tio, Jio? Can you help me be more informed about it? Thank you.

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