Cucumber Fest

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One of the top lines in the Russian list of stereotypes take pickles and pickled cucumbers in particular. We all know that you are supposed to consume them one second after the shot of vodka but who would have expected that there is a festival devoted to cucumber! What’s more impressive is that this event take place in Suzdal – charming medieval town in Central Russia. This gives a new twist to Suzdal’s popularity as it is better known for having more churches per capita than any other place in Russia.

For the Cucumber Festival people come from the surrounding towns & cities while those from further away who coincide to be there for the festivities get surprised by in how many ways you can actually use a cucumber. It is like attending a master-class “100 receipes for dishes made of cucumber”. Think about it: how many would you be able to name now? Somewhere under a hundred I bet you…

Roots of the holiday date back to the 18th century when one of the historians noticed how well this vegetable grows on the Suzdal land. What we would have been doing now  if 7000 years ago someone in India never had come up with the green wonder – cucumber – that is now being planted and loved all around the world!

Well if you don’t have enough holidays  – create one. Cucumber Fest is a great example of how this can be done. Dance, sing, play, eat and watch other people doing the same alongside with you, experience the fascinating moment of unity over one little passion – a cucumber!

Come and enjoy Suzdal with or without a cucumber on our Cossack Journey. Check it out here

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